Jamie Eads



I am a proud endorser of Bowie Custom Drum of Bowie, Maryland. Kevin Smee is a true artisan in the drum world and has been my exclusive drum builder for several years now.  I am proud to be associated with such a quality company and person. Kevin has been a supporter of mine for a very long time and I cannot thank him enough.


Bowie Custom Drums in hand-painted Kryptonite Green Metal Flake: Keller Magnum shells with tube lugs: 14" x 24" or 16" x 22" Bass Drum, 10" x 13" Mounted Tom, 13" x 14" and 15" x 16" Floor Toms.  Bass Drums and Floor Toms feature Drum Workshop spurs and legs.


Bowie Custom Drum 7" x 13" Snare Drum: single-ply, steam-bent, walnut shell by Drum Foundry with maple reinforcing rings and maple inlay. I also play 7" x 13" Bowie Custom Drum 10 ply maple in Black Glass Glitter wrap and the first ever Bowie Custom Drum metal shell, 7" x 13" black nickel over brass "Jamie Eads Signature Model".  All drums have classic tube lugs and Trick 007 strainers.


I am also a proud endorser of Dream Cymbals of Toronto:  I'm usually seen playing 15" Energy Hi Hats, 20" Bliss Crash/Ride, 20" Energy Crash/Ride, 22" Energy Dark Matter Ride (The MOTHER of all ride cymbals), and 20" Pang. I have a vast collection of their other amazing cymbals from each line.  It's very difficult to choose when all of them are so amazing.  These things are incredible! Special thanks to Brian LaRue, Craig Snowden, Andy Morris and everyone at Dream Cymbals and Gongs for taking great care of me!


I am also a proud endorser of Los Cabos Drumsticks.  While I use a variety of their sticks and brushes, my go-to model is the Red Hickory Jazz stick.  The Guay family has a fantastic product and they treat their artists like family! Many thanks for their unwavering support.


I am also a proud endorser of Vratim shoes and clothing.  I wear the Vratim Drum Shoe II (both black and grey).  I can't thank Thomas and the entire Vratim team enough for their support!


I am also a proud endorser of TNR Products Booty Shakers and Little Booty Shakers.  BA-BOOM! Rich and his team have my back!


I am also a proud endorser of Big Fat Snare Drum.  If you want a big, fat snare sound, this is the company for you!


Drum Workshop 9000 Series Hardware

Ludwig Atlas Pro Bass Drum Single Pedal


May Internal Miking system with Audix D2, D4, D6, and i5 microphones.


Alclair Audio CMVK 5-driver Custom In-Ear Monitors.


I also use Ahead Armor drum bags, Dream Cymbal bags, Humes & Berg cymbal cases, and SKB hardware cases, to keep my gear safe.


My gear is what I rely on—every single day—to help me play my best.  Please ask me about any products I use and I will gladly tell you why I choose these companies over all others.